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Now you can get those handy custom Post-it notes that revolutionized office communications printed with your own messages.  Personalized post-it have an unlimited number of uses around the home and office. Custom printed Post-it notes will go a long way to promote your business, no one throws away these precious sticky pads with your phone number, web, and e-mail address on them.

Desktop Post-it notes are among the worlds most useful and appreciated premiums.  Best of all, you can customize these post-it with your own logo and message. Create custom printed post-it with your logo or message on every page, these little sticky note "billboards" can carry your message to many potential customers. post-it are not throwaways, they are a practical, memo-taking, office supply that will "stick" to your clients desk.

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Custom Post-it Note Pads ~ 3" x 3"

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Other Post-It Note Sizes

3 X 4" Post-it Note Pads     4 X 6" Post-it Note Pads

The patented Design Center is one-of-a-kind. It allows users to graphically create artwork for your custom Post-it notes using a simple web browser with a standard flash plug-in.

Simply up-load your images, logos, and clipart to your online folder and place them on the virtual Post-it note pad "canvas." You can size your images, format, and place your custom text. With the Post-it note printing and design service you can apply text over photos and move, re-size, and align your content just the way you want.

For the more advanced user, the system gives you the ability to up-load a completed personalized Post-it design, logos, and other artwork, preflight the project, and proof it online before ordering.

Can I try the site out without being obligated to buy?

Absolutely! In fact we invite you to try the site out. There is no obligation on your part until you actually submit your order.

If you are not sure that you can find what you looking for, trying making a few test Post-it note designs with the site. If you like what you see, and choose to purchase something, just submit your order.

Standard features include:

Design Your Custom Post-It Notes Online
Upload Your Own Personalized post-it Graphics, Logos, and Art
Online Order Status
Easy Re-Ordering
Fast Turnaroundverisign
Guaranteed Credit Card Security
Dedicated Support Staff
Low Minimum Quantities
View On-Screen Simulation of Finished Product With Art, Paper Stock, and Ink Colors
Quality Guaranteed

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